Logisys was founded in 1987. In the span of about 30 years, we have established ourselves as a reliable firm to provide automation solution to universities / autonomous institutions across the country. Our software / support have been utilized by more than 42 universities / autonomous institutions spread across the country. The type of universities that are using our software solution varies from Central University to State University to Conventional Universities as well as Deemed / Private Universities.

As part of our commitment to University and its stake holders, we are continuously introducing several path breaking methods that are cost effective for automating university functions in general and examination activities in particular. We have scientifically analysed the job pattern in each of the activities such as pre-examination, during-examination, post-examination, answer book management, etc. We have multiple solutions for question paper setting / printing / transmission, managing valuation process, handling post-result support for students, etc.


To Proactively reach out to maximum number of stakeholders by offering holistic quality education services


To be the most professional , innovative and industry relevant educational services company catering to all the stakeholders globally


Simplicity and Joy Customer centric approach

Integrity Innovation Excellence